4 Strategies to Effectively Guide Remote Workers

4 Strategies to Effectively Guide Remote Workers

Remote working: the alternative to make progress during this crisis.

We are living in extraordinary and very uncertain times. Nowadays, we are required to work from home, and when faced with this reality cannot pretend that every leader and member of our team will react similarly. The styles of personality and the conditions of each individual make us all provide a different, unique response to these challenges.

At Psigma, we have been analyzing different profiles of individuals with several of our clients for a while now regarding their concerns about the need to work remotely and the strategies that may be useful when managing that change.

Teletrabajo, la alternativa para avanzar en esta crisis.

How to lead remote workers?

Choose a scenario to get tips.

People who demonstrate a high level of need to control results may exhibit some resistance to this mode of working, given that they might find it difficult to trust the conviction that others are appropriately doing "their part of the work".
For these individuals, it might be useful to define action plans that determine the activities, the people responsible for them, and the dates of execution and follow-up.
People who demand recognition, status, and/or power in their work setting may find it challenging not to have the human interaction provided by the permanent physical space in an office.
The need for these individuals to use technological tools to share (show, submit) their results with team members and their supervisors is truly essential. Furthermore, being acknowledged as “the best remote worker” will be crucial for their motivation.
For these individuals who enjoy holding physical, conventional, predictable, and stable settings within the organization, experiencing such a change towards remote working may generate uncertainty and anxiety.
It is suited for these individuals to have a space similar to their office setting and ensure they are in permanent communication with their work environment. Hence, they understand their objectives, actions, and expected results.
For the individuals who achieve a better performance in structured settings, where there is clarity regarding the processes and procedures to follow in meeting established objectives, adopting remote working may generate instability caused by the lack of a precise approach when undertaking their duties.
These individuals may find it more effective to have a defined work plan and understand the exact conditions necessary to achieve the expected results.
Cambios en la relación del jefe y sus colaboradores

Remote working involves modifying and establishing new “rules of the game” such as logistics, submitting results, interacting, liaising, work schedules, among other factors. Paulo Pinzon shares some tips to achieve a positive experience through remote working:

Changes in the relationship between the leader and their team members.
  1.  New realities, new conditions in which every member must contribute.
  2.  Have clear rules: What, How, Where, How much, Who. Define the expectations and the deliverables.
  3.  Empower team members: Trust, delegation, and responsibility are all key elements; remember that each person is different, no one solution fits everyone, rely on the talent of each team member.
  4. Monitor progress; do not wait until the end.
Recommendations for remote workers (to fulfill the new role through remote working concept).
  1. Plan your day. Let your leader and colleagues know what you will be doing.
  2. It’s about Work, not a Vacation. The remote work approach revolves around results.
  3. Be disciplined. Establish work schedules to comply with the agreed commitments.
  4. Choose an appropriate place for remote working without any distractions and let members of your household know.
  5. An office at home demands respect from others.
  6. Respond appropriately to the trust your employer is giving you.
  7. Take active pauses and adapt to the new work model.

Contributions from everyone are always welcome; let us know your opinion and any additional consideration that can contribute to our community.

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