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There are two types of people:

those who truly represent your service culture, and those who don’t

We help you find the ones who do
We know that your SERVICE CULTURE is the foundation that that allows you to create unique experiences for your guests; a customized assessment model for selecting your STAFF from the best talent is the critical component to build sustainable EXCELLENCE.

We predict if someone has


We predict if someone has the potential to create the best service experience for your guests

Key stats in hospitality…

27% of employers attribute talent shortages to lack
of skills of the participants


* 80% of recruiters say it is very difficult to find staff that love what they do.

4x higher

** Hospitality is among the industries with the highest levels of staff turnover, 4 times higher than other industries.


78% of industry turnover comes from non-management staff seeking temporary employment.

Gold standard principles in selecting

the best talent for your culture

Avoid unpleasant surprises

Understand the underlying risks that can appear in an individual’s performance if their key values structure does not align with your unique Service Culture.
Increase your brand’s prestige

Protect and build your brand with each person you select, through a predictive model of behavior that gives you insights into how each person will treat your guest, even when you’re not looking.
Decrease turnover

Identify people who will become a key part of your story, those who understand that their role is the constant sum of moments that guarantee a memorable experience for each guest.
Choose talent that is highly aligned to your service culture

Rigorously assess to measure the specific elements the individual will contribute to your Service Culture, within the context of each role.

How do we do it?

Each culture is unique, as is the talent you need for each role.

Si bien las organizaciones invierten recursos, tecnología y dinero para protegerse de amenazas externas, 63 de cada 100 casos muestran que los delitos económicos ocurridos dentro de las organizaciones o instituciones son cometidos por las mismas personas que trabajan dentro de ellas.

Los filtros de seguridad no han evolucionado en 30 años, usted puede hacerlo con Fhiable use el poder de la inteligencia artificial calculando los riesgos asociados a las personas con la última tecnología con información más objetiva y en tiempo récord.


delitos económicos

por empleados

We customize our


A personalized solution that measures what you need in each area of
your business:


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