Improve Performance, Lower Turnover, and Avoid Unpleasant Surprises

Improve your Selection and Development processes by incorporating scientific talent assessments, a deeper analysis of someone’s true potential.

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A Deeper Analysis of People

If we think about human complexity like an Iceberg, we can differentiate between those aspects that are easily seen vs. those that are more profound and are highly predictive of performance.

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Traditional methods look only at what is above the surface, evaluating the individual’s past and present:


  • Review of education and resume.
  • Evaluating skills and experience.
  • Interviews and background checks.
Image of Iceberg with hidden information about human resources

PSIGMA assessments predict the individual’s future, through a deep understanding of Natural Talent and potential Derailers:

  • Reduces the likelihood of turnover.
  • Helps avoid unpleasant surprise in performance and human interactions.
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Deepen your understanding in your

Selection and Development Processes

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Two key components in your people processes

With our scientific talent assessment model, you can identify the key components of Natural Talent, the best predictor of performance, insofar as it is not undermined by underlying risks such as behavioral derailers or a misaligned values structure.



Customized Assessments

Built around your organization’s competency model
Save Time

Automate processes and reduce operational costs.
Select the Very Best

Easily distinguish candidates with the highest probability of success in the role
Reduce Turnover

Leverage our scientific approach to make the best hiring decisions.
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Develop your People through their Natural Talent

Identify and Develop the Natural Talent of your Leaders and Teams with scientific tools designed to maximize the talent of each individual.

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Identify Your High Potentials

Leverage talent maps to find and develop your people with the highest potential for growth
Unify Objectives

Establish human potential as the key component to achieving business outcomes
Get Real Results

Navigate the growth of your people through micro adjustments
Strengths-Based Development

Establish development programs focused on top talents
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