With PSIGMA + TEAMTAILOR you get an applicant tracking system that contains all the features you and your team need to recruit without hassle.

Flujo de trabajo fácil


Customized recruiting funnel

Set up your funnel the way you want it and use drag and drop to move candidates as they progress.


Application form

Get the information you need

Customize the job application form and choose between different types of questions to ask. Choose what should be mandatory or optional to submit.

Everything you need

A modern recruiting tool belt

The wide range of tools makes it easy for you to hire together with your team.


Bulk actions

Do more with less

All actions are available as bulk actions, so do them all at once and save time.

Search & Filters

Find what your looking for

Search for keywords or phrases and find the right candidates. Use filters in your candidate bank and get results you need.



Work on the right things

Every user is greeted by a personalized dashboard that focuses on what’s important, your next move.