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Personal, responsive, fun. With Teamtailor you communicate the right way.


Send messages in an instant

Teamtailor makes it easy for you to communicate.

PSIGMA + Teamtailor

Email or SMS

Choose between sending messages as email or SMS. We want to make it a breeze for you to talk to your candidates.

Ask questions

Attach files, use templates or a questionnaire if you have questions to your candidates. Filter on the answers to see the specific candidates.

PSIGMA + Teamtailor
ATS message

Bulk all messages

If you want to send the same message to a lot of candidates at once, you can use the bulk option and get everything done in a second.

Say it with a GIF

Make your communication even better with GIFs.

Candidate chat

Get a conversation started with the Candidate Chat

Start talking to visitors that are visiting your job ad, but are not ready to apply or Connect with you just yet. How about a chat popping up asking if they have any questions? Companies use a chat to convert visitors to customers, so why not use it to convert visitors to candidates?


Get to know each other

Get to know each other

Chat with your candidates to give and get more information.

Anywhere you want

You decide where you want it. On the entire career site or just some specific job ads?


Enjoy your lunch

If you’re not available to chat, the candidate will be asked to leave their information so that you can continue later.